Regarding the Corella saga (Warning: images may offend some readers)

It must be tough for the city staff to know what to do with those destructive Corellas. It's actually not even their job they say. The city staff have said that this is a State Government responsibility, but the State Government is unwilling to deal with it. 

But I suppose no-one knows that phone number for Ian Blayney is 9964 1640 and his email is , so it's probably easier just to complain to the CGG. 

As I sit here eating my chicken treat and pondering how horrible it is to kill birds, I can't help but get a sense that the staff at the city are caught between a rock and a hard place. 

As the city started its trial of using firecrackers to relocate the birds off (click here to read more), Everything Geraldton started receiving complaints from residents. But the complaints were all quite varied. 

I scratched my head as I read angry emails about how the CGG needed to simply "relocate" the birds to bird heaven, and other equally angry emails about how those poor Corellas shouldn't be scared and relocated because they're not criminals and haven't done anything wrong. 

It dawned on me that on this particular issue it doesn't matter what the city does. It will be the wrong decision. And the people who don't get their way will be the most vocal, giving the impression that the community wants the opposite of whatever was done.

I hope the relocation efforts achieve the outcome the city wants, but if they don't there will be a lot of residents who will want a cull done as in years past.  

The image below was sent in by a concerned resident who believes this bird was shot by a fellow citizen. 

  One of the trees stripped by the birds. 

One of the trees stripped by the birds.