Little Miss & Master Sunshine: And The Winners Are…

Cathy from Let’s Party would like to thank everyone who participated this year, an amazing day was had by all!

… And the winners are – 

Age: 0-2 Girls
Little Miss Baby Face Winner Christina Guida
Little Miss Baby Face 1st Runner Up Elayna Mladenov
Little Miss Baby Face 2nd Runner up - Harlo Aldrick

Age: 0-2 Boys
Little Master Baby Face Winner – Zander Connell
Little Master Baby Face 1st Runner up – Shayden Otoole
Little Master Baby Face 2nd Runner Up- Hunter Simpson

Age: 3-5 Girls
Little Miss Tiny Tot Winner-Poppy Healey
Little Miss Tiny Tot 1st Runner up- Miss Tee
Little Miss Tiny Tot 2nd Runner up-Daisy Kitcher

Age: 3-5 Boys
Little Master Tiny Tot Winner – Ethan Mason
Little Master Tiny Tot 1st Runner up- Raven Di Lereto
Little Master Tiny Tot 2nd Runner up- Max Tayor

Age: 6-7 Girls
Little Miss Sunshine Winner- Savanah Gallie
Little Miss Sunshine 1st Runner up-Alexis Nagle
Little Miss Sunshine 2nd Runner up -Jamie Nunn

Age: 6-7 Boys
Little Master Sunshine Winner- Max Winton
Little Master Sunshine 1st Runner up- Caleb Richardson
Little Master Sunshine 2nd Runner up- Angus Orellana

We all had an amazing day, and we hope you did too! We look forward to seeing you next year.

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