Health warning for Greenough River

The City of Greater Geraldton wishes to advise residents to stay out of the water at Greenough River and other local rivers due to potential contamination.  

The water is unsafe for swimming, especially if you put your head under the water.

There has been a number of fish that have died, suspected of having a common fish virus so as a precaution, do not eat any fish from local rivers. 

Any dead fish found should not be touched or handled as they could pose a biological hazard and may be covered in bacteria.

Testing will be conducted in the Greenough River to determine the health risks, and until results can be obtained residents are asked to refrain from water activities until further notice.

Other health risks of swimming in these natural waters can include infection by protozoa such as amoeba which can lead to various illnesses.

Permanent health warning signs exist at sites along the Chapman and Greenough River warning of this risk.