Migrant family on Welcome Walls targeted in a scam attempt


A migrant family, whose names appear on Fremantle’s Welcome Walls, has been the target of a scam attempt and there are concerns others may also be targeted.

Scammers have contacted a family listed on one of the Fremantle panels, demanding a payment of $599 for the names to remain on the walls.

Western Australian Museum urge people to ignore the scammers demand and hang up immediately.

The concern is highest for vulnerable people such as seniors from migrant families where English might not be their first language.

Anyone who is contacted by people purporting to be from Government departments demanding money, should always independently contact that organisation to verify if the approach is genuine.

Never use any details the suspicious caller or email has given you.  Refer to your phone book or a known official website.

You can report scams to WA ScamNet via email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.