5 things you need to know about looking after your car

If you are like me and rely on your vehicle to take you from A-B, then this article is for you. We spoke with Trevor Evans at Auto Pit Stop Geraldton who has shared with us a bit about his business, services he provides, and handy tips for looking after your pride and joy. 

Auto Pit Stop has been in operation since March 2002 where Trevor was previously a Service Manager at Sun City Ford from 1987. With over 30 years of experience in the auto mechanic industry, Trevor can provide you with no nonsense advice about any issues your vehicle may have and repair it in a timely manner. 

Auto Pit Stop are proud to say they provide all services for all makes of cars and if it can’t be fixed, you will be referred to someone who can. If you require any parts or accessories that aren’t in stock, it will be ordered that day so you’re back on the road as soon as possible with the job done right.  

What tips and advice do you have for owners when looking after their cars?

  1. Fuel: Try to avoid your fuel reaching below a quarter of a tank. Trevor explains that your petrol inside your tank cools the electrical fuel pump. Therefore, if your fuel tank is close to empty, your fuel pump will overheat and may need replacing is damaged. 
  2. Brakes: If you start to hear a squeak or feel a vibration, it’s a warning sign that your brake pads need replacing, which is an immediate requirement as it is a safety hazard.
  3. Holiday Trips: Before a big trip, it’s a wise decision to book your car in for a pre-trip inspection to eliminate the possibility of faulty parts and accessories, which is the last thing you want if you’re on holiday!
  4. Servicing: Try to have your vehicle serviced regularly around every 6 months to ensure all vehicle parts are working as they should and to identify early detection of anything that could be classified as a safety hazard.
  5. Temperature: In summer, keep an eye on the temperature gage. If it increases or decreases suddenly, it is a sign of a problem with your cooling system and if this occurs, pull over and check immediately.

Auto Pit Stop is open Monday to Friday from 7:30am – 5:00pm and are closed on weekends. Phone (08) 9964 4842.  

They’re located at 97 Pass Street (near the PCYC)