Images and video of storm that hit Geraldton yesterday

A ute was washed away, trees were knocked over, sheds relocated, flash flooding, trampolines went visiting the neighbours and hailstones broke windows. 

The storm that hit Geraldton and surrounds today came in a fury. Fortunately much of town was spared the brunt of the storm, with some suburbs getting not a breath of wind or a drop of rain. But those that were hit were hit hard. 

Here are some of the images and videos shared with Everything Geraldton. 

Thought you might like to see a photo of my father in laws work ute... Washed down by flash flooding on the Port Gregory road - Kate

AJ shared these 5 from Moresby. 

Creepy cloud before hail came down - Claire

Claire also shared this one of the trampoline that was relocated and redesigned by today's wind. 

Deepdale - Gale force winds from today's storm. Sent in by Sheila.

Tenille shared this video of a tree getting hammered in the winds... and the pictures of it afterwards. 

Storm 1
Tree 0

Emma shared this one. 

Hayden shared these - "We have a new tree! Drummonds"

Fallon shared this one just as the storm came in. 

A couple from a distance shared by Alice. 

Storm in Drummond Cove shared by Aaron. "My view from Drummonds this afternoon.."

This photo was taken at 10pm 26/03/2015 from Waggrakine. - Keith

Bec shared this video of the hail falling and bouncing.

Emma shared this one: "Well that was unexpected!"

This was taken in waggy not as bad as some places - Sara

Hail Storm Hits Drummond Cove at 3.50pm Thursday 26th March. - Sharon

Waggrakine - shared by Lawrence

Hail storm taken Sutcliffe Rd North waggrakine - Bindii Bindii

Bindii Bindii

"Bit of Hail" - Aric

Wet out in Moresby with nice sized hail - Tackleworld Geraldton

Look what the storm left for us, a beautiful double rainbow - Tania

Michelle nearly scored a shed... "At least it was locked."

"Drummonds this arvo..." Elise

Dave shared this great image of the storm rolling in. 

We just lost one (tree). - Natalie

Jason shows some large hail. 

Lizy posted this one. 

We had a mini cyclone on top of that in sunset lost half our Poinciana tree - Beth

Paula posted this one. 

Ben shared this one of the hail.

Skye posted this one from Moonyoonooka.

Amanda posted this one of her fence in Drummond Cove

"Incoming" - Cherie

Tarcoola Beach flooding - Kathleen Williams

Kathryn - The sump next door to our house in Wahn Avenue, this was after about 15 mins

Kathryn - And Wahn Avenue itself, first time it has flooded in the 7.5 years we've been on the street

Allira - "The neighbour's trampoline"

Drummonds getting hammered.

Posted by Everything Geraldton on Thursday, March 26, 2015