Celebrate Geraldton goes Wajarri on 1 April

On Wednesday 1 April you are invited to celebrate the success of the Geraldton goes Wajarri project at an event which will feature the live release of the Geraldton goes Wajarri song, composed for the project by Darcy Hay (songwriter, musician), Vincent Jones (musician and Wajarri speaker) and Edie Maher (Wajarri teacher). 

Hosted by CityHive Pollinators and master of ceremonies Wajarri elder Leonie Boddington, the event will also showcase three films produced about the project, and celebrate the over 170 people who have adopted a Wajarri word to date. 

Please join us, celebrate with us, have a drink and don’t forget: If you adopted a Wajarri-word, please wear your T-shirt! 

A big thank you to Pollinators for providing a venue for the event, and to the local butcher Mick Davey who will supply our party with sausages.

Hope to see you all at the party so we could celebrate and sing together!

Celebrate Geraldton goes Wajarri!

Live Release of the Geraldton goes Wajarri Song and film screening
1 April 2015, 6 pm, CityHive, Pollinators, 184 Marine Terrace