Western Power’s Mid West Energy Project completed

The State Government Tuesday officially marked the completion of one of the largest powerline projects ever undertaken in Western Australia.

Energy Minister Mike Nahan said the Mid West Energy Project, completed this month by Western Power, would be a significant contributor to future State and regional development. 

“Western Power’s Mid West Energy Project is a substantial achievement that will boost power supplies to Mid-West communities and industry,” the Minister said. 

“The $400 million project is more than a single powerline - it’s a combination of two major powerlines and a number of substation upgrades that will enable more than 500 extra megawatts of energy for the Mid-West region. 

“The project will enable the connection of future industrial projects in the Mid-West and facilitate the connection of renewable sources of electricity generation, particularly wind and gas-powered generation in the region.” 

Dr Nahan said Western Power’s new transmission line to Eneabba was the State’s largest powerline development since the line to Kalgoorlie was built in the mid-1980s.

 “Western Power is to be congratulated for completing the project within the original budget of $418.1 million and well under the final budget set by the State Government of $406.5 million,” he said.

“It’s a significant project that will greatly benefit the Mid-West now and enable future growth for many years to come.”

       Fact File

  • The Pinjar to Eneabba powerline is 190km long

  • The project includes 388 steel lattice towers, 2,900km of powerline and has an average tower weight of 24 tonnes

  • It also includes a new 330/132 kV terminal substation at Three Springs

  • Western Power is a State Government owned corporation that is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity to more than one million customers across a network area of 255,064sq.km