National ICE Taskforce

MELISSA PRICE, Federal Member for Durack said tackling the ice scourge that is harming so many communities is a top priority for the Australian Government. Ms Price said Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s announcement this week that the Commonwealth would form a National Ice Taskforce, headed by former Victorian Chief Commissioner of Police Ken Lay, was a vital step in ensuring that the campaign against Ice is being fought in an effective way.

“Ice use is a growing problem across the country. It is ruining individuals, destroying families, and harming communities,” Ms Price said.

“I eagerly welcome this initiative by the Prime Minster because my constituents are telling me that ice is a rapidly growing problem in a number of centres across Durack.

“It is tragic to speak with my constituents who are sadly affected through a family member who has become addicted to ice – for many there is no turning back, and only misery lies ahead so it has to be addressed at the source and through the intermediate dealers - and quickly.

“I have invited Minister for Justice Michael Keenan to the electorate to meet with authorities, and the community about the ice scourge, and I know that the local police are serious about this issue.”

The overall purpose of the Taskforce will be to examine efforts to address ice and identify ways to take a systematic, comprehensive and coordinated approach to education, health and law.  As the ice scourge affects the whole community, the Taskforce will consult widely to ensure that all aspects of this menace are being addressed.

The Australian Crime Commission considers ice poses the highest risk of all illicit drugs to our nation. Following advice from the Taskforce the Commonwealth Government will be working with States and Territories to develop a National Ice Action Strategy to tackle the growing scourge of ice.

The Taskforce will provide an interim report to the Prime Minister by the middle of this year. The Prime Minister will take the report to the first subsequent meeting of the Council of Australian Governments to ensure that the campaign against Ice is fought in a coordinated and targeted way.

Those interested in submitting to the Taskforce should register with the  Office of Melissa Price 08 08 9964 2195,