Upcoming ANZAC Day Event 25/4/2015

This year we have chosen ANZAC day to run the event as Christian Surfers Geraldton want to honour our fallen heroes as part of the 100 year commemorations.  We are choosing to focus on the themes of mateship, courage and sacrifice as encapsulated by the Bible verse 1John 3:16 "We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters." 

The event will begin at Geraldton Back Beach at 7am on Saturday 25/4/2015 with an open invite to participate in a traditional surfer memorial with an Australian Flag raising ceremony. 

This will be followed by an All Ages Novelty Tandem Surfing Division.

There is still a  junior focus with a modified surf competition format (parents can assist kids in the water unto 12 years old) including:

  • MicroGroms 5-8 year olds  
  • SuperGroms 9-12 year olds 
  • CadetGroms Boys 13-18 year olds  
  • CadetGroms Girls 13-18 year olds 

Additionally this year there will be a video presentation by Christian Surfers “Beyond Sight,” at the presentation evening.  We are also hoping to show video footage of the commemoration service and surfing action from the day.

Last year we had 65 competitors and about 200 spectators all up.  We are hoping we have the same number of enrolments this year.

Participants and volunteers for the day can sign up at www.surf2skool.com .  

The cost is $10 per division entered.  

Geraldton Christian Surfers would also like to thank our other sponsors Midwest Surf School, BLS Construction, Strathalbyn Christian College, Sticky Feet Wax, Geraldton Surf and Sail, Willocks Surf and the efforts of many volunteers