9 things that are all too real for women in Geraldton

1. There’s limited places to buy my Lorna Jane sports gear that I always wear, even when not exercising.

2. I can’t wear my long hair out when it’s windy.

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3. This also applies for my outfits – no skirts or dresses during Geraldton’s windy period… Which is…. Well… ALWAYS!

4. There are never enough clothes shopping options in Geraldton…

5. And the lack of shopping options means the likelihood of you matching with a co-worker or a friend is pretty high. #awkies

6. I’m plus size… There aren’t many options for me to buy clothes.

7. I can’t decide where to get my hair done because there are too many hairdressers in Geraldton…

8. Seeing your gyno down the street… Or anyone else you don’t want to bump into.

9. For the single ladies – you know the history of just about every single guy in Geraldton… Usually first hand from a friend of a friend.