10 Pointers for Anyone Moving to Geraldton

 Pic: Travis Petford

Pic: Travis Petford

So, you’re making the move to the seaside city of Geraldton, right?  

Firstly, a very big welcome.  Geraldton is a Port city with a population of almost 40,000 people, 4.5 hours North of Perth.  We have agriculture.  We have fishing.  We have water sports.  We have wind.  Lots and lots of wind.  

If you’re new to town, here are ten must-read pointers on our fair city that will help you navigate and work out where things are and what  

1. The Geraldton Visitor Centre is located at 246 Marine TCE and is a MUST for people who are new or visiting our city.  They have a wealth of information, and friendly staff who are always quick to lend a helping hand.  You can ask them anything and they will do their best to accommodate. 

2. Geraldton has two hospitals, the Geraldton Regional Hospital which is located on Shenton St, and St John of God Healthcare, which can be found on Hermitage St.  Panaceum Group has after hours consults available (call 99208111 to book), otherwise you can report to the Emergency Department at the Regional hospital. 

3. If you need to buy a loaf of bread when you get here, there are many excellent supermarkets to choose from: 

  • Queens Supa IGA- 79 Durlacher St
  • Rigter’s Supa IGA- 179 Durlacher St (Open 7 Days) 
  • Wonthella Supa IGA- Fifth St, Wonthella (Open 7 Days) 
  • Glenfield IGA- Chapman Valley Rd, Glenfield (Open 7 Days) 
  • Mt Tarcoola IGA- Paringa St, Mt Tarcoola (Open 7 Days) 
  • Woolworths- Centro Stirlings, Chapman Rd 
  • Coles- Centro Northgate, Chapman Rd 

4. The Geraldton Foreshore is a must see.  There are cafes, a beautiful path to walk or bike ride, various sculptures, an enclosed playground, great beaches, a monitored Surf Lifesaving tower and plenty of space for picnics and barbecues.  Please note, dogs are not allowed on the Geraldton Foreshore. 

5. If you are keen on an insight into Geraldton history, including shipwrecks such as the Batavia and the Zeewijk, the culture of the Yamaji people, the local flora and fauna and marine life and the discovery of the HMAS Sydney, the Geraldton Museum is absolutely fantastic and worth a look.  They are open 7 days a week from 9:30-4pm and run school holiday programs for the kids as well.  

6. The local police- the Geraldton Police Station can be directly contacted on 99234555. 

7. Our city has a variety of different markets which range in fresh produce and local arts and crafts. 

  • The Farmer’s Markets are held every Saturday morning in Maitland Park from 8am-12pm.   
  • The Platform Markets are held at the old railway station, Chapman Rd, Sunday mornings from 8am-12pm.  A great place to stock up on wonderful cheeses, hobby crafts and fresh local food, fruit and veg. 
  • The Craft Markets run on Marine TCE on the first and the fourth Sunday of each month from 8am-12pm. 
  • Geraldton Lion’s Community Markets are held at the Bill Sewell Complex on the second Sunday of each month from 8am-12pm.  Stall fees contribute to renovating the Settlement buildings. 

8. Geraldton has an exclusive type of sea hare known as Aplysia Gigantean which wash up on the beaches regularly during the Summer months and can be dangerous if your family dog goes near them.  If you suspect your pet has had contact with one of these, please get in touch with a local vet right away. 

9. There are some wonderful things to do in Geraldton.  These include the Greenough Wilflife Park, Lavender Valley Farm, Oakabella Homestead, The HMAS Sydney Memorial, the Greenough Hamlet, Orana Cinemas and some amazing beaches catering to your needs.  A list of the best beaches in Geraldton can be found here http://www.cgg.wa.gov.au/play/sports-recreation/beaches.aspx

10. Geraldton is the fourth windiest city in the world.  Great for kitesurfing, not so fantastic for your washing though.    

So, once again, on behalf of the city of Geraldton we welcome you.  I have fallen in love with this place over the past ten years and I hope you get as much out of it as I have.