10 things anyone who's lived in Geraldton knows

This year marks the tenth year I have lived in Geraldton.  I guess that officially makes me a local now, right? 

I absolutely love this city.  I loved it ten years ago, and I still do.  I moved from Perth in 2006 to be with my (now) husband with no plans, knowing nobody and nothing about Geraldton at all.  It’s definitely changed a lot since I’ve been here, but the best things about Geraldton have stayed the same, really.  The beaches, the people, the relaxed atmosphere.  Now that I am, hopefully, officially a Geraldton local, here are some things that people of Geraldton know for sure about our fair city.


1. You haven’t experienced wind until you’ve had to pick your clothes up from around the backyard. 

Sometimes, when you hang the washing out, you have to chase the hills hoist around in circles.  You come back outside in ten minutes and it’s dry.  Possibly all over the ground, or over the back fence, but it’s dry.  You can’t wear your hair down for an outside wedding.   People everywhere else call it severe winds.  To us, it’s a sea breeze.

2. We have the best customer service.

When I moved to Geraldton I was delighted to discover how friendly people in customer service are.  They are always helpful and always smiling.  Sure, I imagine we all have bad experiences once in a while, but it happens nowhere near as much as it did when I lived in Perth.

3. 'Six Degrees of Geraldton' is a thing. 

You go places and you know everyone.  People you know talk to you about other people they know, who you kind of know, because they are your mum’s best friend’s daughter’s Year One teacher.

4. Everyone is this town bands together during times of personal crisis. 

Thanks to ‘Six Degrees of Geraldton,’ when someone is going through something, we are all going through it.  People are so quick to raise money and help out a family or a person in a tough time.  We are a generous city, and we look after each other.

5. It’s a great place to raise children. 

This one is new to me.  My twins are 19 months old and there is nowhere my husband and I would rather raise them than in Geraldton.  There are parks, great beaches and playgroups.  Our beautiful foreshore makes for a great family Sunday day out.  

6. We all remember what we were doing the day the cinema got EFTPOS.

It was a joyous occasion for all.

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7. Geraldton has the best beaches in Western Australia. 

It’s our state’s best kept secret.  Watch out for the sharks though.

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8. Our Christmas lunches usually involve crayfish. 

Thanks once again to ‘Six Degrees of Geraldton,’ we all know someone who knows someone who has a few spare crays they can throw our way.

9. Winter in Geraldton is practically Summer everywhere else. 

Some of the best weather I’ve experienced has been smack bang in the middle of July.  I’m talking 29 degree days, with no wind.  Beautiful.

10. We love our city. 

Don’t say anything bad about it either, we live here because we love it.  I’m so proud to call this place my home and excited that my sons will grow up here.  Thank you, Geraldton for the memories over the last ten years, the friendly faces, and the wind, for being the reason why I never had to buy a clothes dryer.  


Here’s to the next ten years in this beautiful place.