6 signs you know it's time to leave Geraldton and move to Perth

1. You get to work too quickly, and you really want to know what it's like to be stuck in traffic for an hour each way every single day. 

2. You find the Geraldton beaches aren't crowded enough, and you long to know what it's like to struggle to find somewhere to set up your towel on the beach. 

3. You wish you could pay $25 to park your car in town, but the most you're able to pay in Geraldton is $7.70 for a full day.

4. Buying a house near the beach is too affordable, and you wish you could go into millions of $ of debt to get such a great lifestyle. 

5. You hate how easy it is to go camping, fishing and exploring the great outdoors. If you lived in Perth you'd be way more justified in telling yourself it's too much effort to get away. 

 Pic: Brendon Plug

Pic: Brendon Plug

6. You see your friends and family way too often, because in Geraldton they're always only 5 minutes away. You want to be lonely as you grow older, and in a big city it would be much easier to be forgotten about. 

 Pic:  @deb_0_rah