5 things Geraldton job seekers should do

Look, the economy around Australia isn't cranking like it was. China isn't paying us $200 a tonne for our dirt any more. So there's less money flowing downstream through everyone's wallets and there are less jobs on the table.  

But there's plenty of folks who could do a few simple things to help themselves when it comes to finding a job. 

1. Fix up your God damn Facebook profile. 

Honestly, every employer will do a search on Facey to stalk you before hiring you. If they're confronted with profile pics showing how cool you think being drunk is, questions about where to get the best weed in town, and bitching that shows you have no decorum, I can guarantee your resume will go straight in the bin. 

Hot tip: Check out the "View As" option to see what others see. 

2. Take a job. Any job. 

When I interview people, I always value someone who is doing SOMETHING over someone who's been sitting on the dole for 2 years waiting for the perfect job to come along.

In 2008 I couldn't find a job in my chosen profession in Geraldton. I couldn't leave town. So I took whatever job I could get, which happened to be at a servo. I scrubbed toilets and cleaned diesel residue for the next 9 months. I didn't LOVE it, but eventually I found other work. 

I am saddened when I meet people who won't take a job they think is beneath them, but are fine going on the dole.

3. Do some study. Get a qualification. 

The economy is becoming more and more automated. Unskilled labour is going to increasingly be done by autonomous machines, and will continue to move overseas. Invest some time in learning a skill that employers will find useful. We have a small but growing university right here in town, and a very bustling tafe, Durack Institute of Technology. Get in touch with them and see what they have on offer. If a Sudanese refugee who doesn't speak English as well as you can put the hard yards in and become a chemist (link), you can hit the books too.  

4. Network with the right people. 

I meet a lot of employers who know they could use some extra staff, but hate the process of hiring someone so much that they just keep putting it off. But when they meet someone they know and like, who they know is looking for work, they're more than happy to offer them a job. So start meeting the right people. That might mean joining a public speaking group, or getting involved with a local charity, joining Pollinators, getting along to a Rotary meeting, or going to the Council meetings, or whatever. Use your imagination. But the go-getters and business owners of this city aren't going to knock on your door and ask to hang out with you watching Netflix. Get out and meet them. 

5. Apply for everything. 

Subscribe to the Everything Geraldton Jobs email (link). Keep an eye on Seek. Hand out your resume. Post in the Employment Wanted section on EG (link). Apply for any job you can legally do. And don't wait until a job is advertised; As per tip 4, plenty of business owners never even get that far. 

Bonus tip: Be positive. 

Nothing hurts like rejection. It attacks your psyche, it makes you question your self worth, it makes it hard to get out of bed and try again. But do whatever you have to do to get your head right, otherwise your own thoughts will kill your chances of finding work. Find whatever works for you...  pray, meditate, talk to encouraging friends, listen to a motivational speaker. These things may not get you a job directly, but they may make the difference between an employer thinking they like your energy, vs them thinking they want nothing to do with you.