Call To End Cashless Card Threat

Local MLC Darren West has again rejected threats for Geraldton to become the third trial site for the cashless card.

Mr West said both he and Carol Martin, Candidate for Durack, had voiced concern when it became apparent there was widespread community opposition.

“The trial for Geraldton is based on poor assumptions.

“Funds set aside for the cashless card would be better invested in services that actually help people,” Mr West said.

“Ms Price unequivocally stated in her Letter to the Editor, published in the Geraldton Guardian on February 3 “I want to make it very clear that the Turnbull Government will only proceed with the trial with the support of the community.”

On that basis Mr West said he believed that the trial should not go ahead in Geraldton.

“Where is that community support?” Mr West said.

No other community leaders have come out in favour of the trial.

“Neither the Member for Geraldton nor any of our upper house members have come out in support.

“The City is “neutral” despite a 2009 council motion opposing income management in the City. Further, the Mayor has not offered support in an official capacity and even the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry has no formal position.

“Given this, why is the Member for Durack and the Turnbull Government so keen to proceed?”

Mr West said the trial was unlikely to solve the social issues in the community and urged the Government to reinstate services to help those who need them.

“Since the Abbott/Turnbull Government came to power in 2013, services have been slashed in the Mid-West.

“We need to empower our local community. The threat of a cashless card trial does the opposite.”