Near miss - Barrett Drive T Junction

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NEAR MISS -  3:10pm 6th May 2016
AtT Junction of Brand Highway and Barrett Drive, Tarcoola Beach.

We were travelling south on Brand Highway, when an off white 4WD vehicle came off Barrett Drive turning north on Brand Highway, as another vehicle turned left, off Brand Highway, up Barrett drive.

But then as we were travelling south on Brand Highway, an orange coloured dual cab vehicle -on the STOP SIGN, turned out onto Brand Highway turning RIGHTto go north, as our white car was going south. I was the passenger..All I could see in front of our car -was the orange coloured vehicle...........Oh my!!!

BUT for my husband's quick thinking and driving, as he veered suddenly to his right, we would have hit the orange coloured dual cab vehicle.

Wow!!  What a lucky escape for both vehicles. (Hope the driver reads this???)

ThisT-Junction, with Barrett drive has a STOP SIGN...has had a number of accidents at the sight..

Coming from the north, Brand Highway has two lanes.  Very close just south of Barrett drive, on Brand Highway the road becomes ONE Lane.  Drivers on Barrett Drive STOP SIGN, who want to turn RIGHT to go north on Brand Highway, DO NOT WATCH THE VEHICLES CLOSELY ENOUGH.  SOME VEHICLES TURN LEFT UP BARRETT DRIVE, (with flickers on), WHILE OTHERS LIKE OUR VEHICLE , (without flickers on),  GO STRAIGHT AHEAD – SOUTH ON BRAND HIGHWAY.   We feel very lucky that no accident happened today.


Beryl & Robert of Wandina.