It’s time to plant your wildflowers!

It’s time to start planting your wildflowers!

It’s time to start planting your wildflowers!

Transform your yard with carpets of Everlastings this wildflower season.

The City of Greater Geraldton is urging local residents to take part in this year’s wildflower campaign by planting Everlastings in their gardens.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said it would be amazing to see gardens across Geraldton blooming with wildflowers.

“Last year the City ran a very successful campaign designed to attract tourists to the region to see our spectacular wildflowers,” he said.

“We promoted the region as a hub for wildflowers where people can come and discover some of the 12,000 species that are found in the Midwest and many local businesses reported an increase in business as a result of the campaign.”

“This year we are encouraging everyone to get on board and embrace our spectacular wildflowers. For those who would like to create their very our own wildflower spectacular the Geraldton Visitor Centre is selling packages of Everlasting seeds that can be planted in flower beds or pots.”

Now is the time to plant your wildflowers so they flower from late July to September during the wildflower season.

If you’re looking to plan your wildflower adventure in the Midwest you can find more information on the Visit Geraldton website at