State CCTV Strategy Infrastructure Fund

Greater Geraldton’s application for CCTV funding through the State CCTV Strategy Infrastructure Fund has been approved. 

The Liberal-National Government made an election commitment in 2013 to provide $5 million in funding to Local Government Authorities (LGAs) to install additional CCTV cameras in crime hotspots by way of a grant funding process.  

A specific grant application process was developed by the State CCTV Strategy Secretariat designed to ensure CCTV grants deliver infrastructure that addresses applicable offences, and based on technology consistent with the future requirements of the State CCTV Strategy.  

In November 2015, the Minister for Police approved the proposed two-stage application process for CCTV grants. This will see LGAs submit an initial Expression of Interest (EOI) and, for those applications approved by your office for progression, undertake further detailed work in a discrete Proposal of Works phase.  


The EOI application period for the $5 million State CCTV Strategy Infrastructure Fund opened on Monday, 2 November 2015 and closed on Friday, 18 December 2015.  

A total of 60 applications were received from 52 different LGAs, with some submitting more than one application for funding, seeking an estimated $10.037 million in grant funding. A total of $1.26 million in co-funding was also offered by applicant LGAs across the total of all applications received.  

A State CCTV Strategy Infrastructure Fund Assessment Panel assessed the grant applications against the stated selection criteria. 

There are three categories of applications:

  • applications that are recommended for immediate progression through to the Proposal of Works phase
  • applications that may be progressed through to the Proposal of Works should additional funding become available
  • applications that should not progress any further


Unlike previous grant funding rounds administrated by WA Police, the State CCTV Strategy Infrastructure Fund is being administered in a two–part process, consisting of an initial Expression of Interest phase (followed by a more detailed Proposal of Works

Proposal of Works - Formal quotes on an agreed scope of works will be provided by LGA applicants - as opposed to the original EOI applications, could result in costs that are materially lower than the indicative funding figures initially quoted. Should this be the case, this ‘additional funding’ will become available from the initial grant pool and will be redirected to additional grant applications on the standby list – Attachment B. In this scenario, it should be noted these LGAs (Attachment B) will not be contacted until later in this financial year. Please note, that it is planned that all $5M grants will be allocated by the end of 2016. 

The State CCTV Strategy Secretariat will immediately work with the successful LGA applicants to develop a definitive cost and technology model for proposed projects.  

Confirmation of the cost of proposed projects will also be undertaken as part of the Proposal of Works. Given that some variation may have taken place as a result of recommendations by the State CCTV Strategy Secretariat, it is during the Proposal of Works phase that all applicants will secure formal quotes on the agreed scope of their project. It is expected this should also result in a lower cost to Government overall. 

Half of the project funding will be immediately paid to the LGA at the completion of this activity, with the balance to be paid at the completion of mandatory acquittal processes when installation has been fully completed by the LGA.