New WiFi at Abrolhos helps damaged boat get assistance

Having no signal on the islands will soon be a thing of the past thanks to a team of people in Geraldton and local internet provider Node 1. 

The southern group of the Abrolhos Islands now have high speed wireless internet thanks to a number of Geraldton community members and the team at Node 1 Internet. 

The wifi signal is an extension of the existing high speed fixed wireless network that Node 1 has around Geraldton. The signal is beamed to the islands from the mainland at Geraldton. 

Initial measurements suggested it would not be possible to get the signal to the island, but due to a surprising natural phenomenon, the signal is able to travel across to the islands. 

A signal transmitter based on East Wallabi island in the north is currently being tested and hopefully will be fully operational soon. 

We spoke with Nick Van Namen from Node 1 about the new service for the islands. 

"Guys working on the installation had trouble with the boat, and were stranded. They couldn't get traditional phone coverage, but due to new recently installed free wifi they were able to make a Facebook call and get help."