Complaint to the editor: The system is broken

Not an actual letter we received... but pretty close. 

No one will help me.

I have a complaint. I need help but there's literally no help out there. The system is completely broken. 

Apart from the fact that I get a Housing Authority house to live in funded by tax payers, there's just no help at all. I am completely on my own with my struggle. 

I don't actually have a job. All the money I get each week is given to me by the government as well, funded by taxes I guess. But no one will help me. I'm on my own. 

I can barely get through a day, struggling to raise my kids. Yes, it's true I don't have to pay for their schooling, and I get extra money from other tax payers to raise them, and I get free day care for them too. But there's literally no help. I'm on my own. 

Sure, I may live in one of the most stable economies in the world, with great roads, no war, plenty of food, excellent Police and emergency services. But I have very little to be thankful for. The system is completely broken. 

While I can go and get free or discounted food whenever I want from local charities, that's just something I have come to expect as a given. No one is willing to actually help me though. 

Through no fault of my own I got addicted to drugs. And even though there's a heap of free services that will help me get off the drugs, they don't help me in the exact way I want to be helped. They're useless and no one cares about me. 

The system is completely broken and people like me are left to fend for themselves. It's horrible. I went to the hospital recently and had to wait 3 hours. That's madness. Sure, I didn't actually have to pay a single cent for the help they gave me, but no other country in the world could possibly allow people to wait three hours for their free health care. I've never actually been overseas, but I assume Australia is the worst. 

I suppose I also don't have to pay anything when I go to the doctors. But sometimes the doctors are grumpy and make mistakes as if they're actual humans or something. This proves the system is screwed. There's no help out there for people like me. 

Sometimes when I try and get around town, I have to use public transport. And I know the small amount I pay for my ticket barely covers a tenth of the cost of running the public transport, so tax payers pay for it again, but I'm still not happy with the quality of the transport. It's so inconvenient. No one is willing to help me. It's shocking that in this day and age I can't get my own chauffeur to drive me exactly where I need to go whenever I choose. 

And I have no future job prospects either. I mean, sure, I could get a job tomorrow at a fast food joint if I really wanted. But that's not my dream job. And if there's one thing all those movies I watched while being unemployed have taught me, it's that you should follow your dreams and never compromise. There's literally no help out there for people in my situation. Yes, I could pay absolutely nothing and go and get an education so I'd be qualified for my dream job. But I have so many other things in life I'm struggling with that I don't have time to do all that study. There's just no help available. 

Here's another struggle I endure. I can't afford to pay for extra data for my phone bill, so I'm forced to go all the way into town to use the free wifi at the library just to browse Facebook. It's so barbaric. No one wants to help me. I'm a victim.

In short, the world owes me and people need to do more to help me. I don't know exactly what else they should do for me, but the free money, police, health care, accommodation, education, defence force, child care, roads, transportation, emergency services, sewerage, waste disposal, internet, water, parks, playgrounds, museums, electricity and food... just isn't enough. 

Clearly no one cares and there's no help available.

- Misunderstood Victim