This suggestion for suspending licences is actually brilliant

We've published a couple of stories recently on that dangerous intersection at Hosken and NWCH. 

Here's the first. 

And here's a letter from a local Labor politician who says he's been nagging the Liberal National government about this intersection for years.

It's true that accidents could be avoided if people weren't idiots and never pulled out when they couldn't see. 

But we don't live in that reality. We live in a reality where we need roundabouts and traffic lights. 

But one local has a suggestion on creating a new law for removing someone's drivers licence that might make the roads safer:

Ryan Eastough : I use this intersection every day at least 2wice its a shocker , im carefull on both bike and car and havent had an incident but iv seen so many near misses that have really frightened me for those involved , mainly people lacking in driving skills ,but in this day and age we have to protect the stupid as well because " natural selection " is no longer tolerated and licences are hard to take back once given out unless it's drunk driving or hoon laws maybe there should also be an " ur just an unco useless driver , hand ur licence back because ur dangerous clause "

Sounds good to us.

Seeing how there's no transport minister in WA, Mr Blayney can you fix this intersection for us?