7 things you should know if you plan on moving to Geraldton

So you've decided to move to Geraldton. Great. We're happy to have you. 

Here's a few tips that we hope will help you settle in. 

This block is over 2000m2

This block is over 2000m2

700m2 is not a large block

Yeah, we heard in Perth that a large block is 400 m2, that's madness. Anything under 700m2 is tiny. No one blinks at 2000 m2 blocks, which are about half the price of a Perth block. We need somewhere for the shed, the dog, the trampoline, and the veggie patch. So if you notice that all the blocks here are massive, they're actually not. You're just used to living in a cubicle.

Everything is only 8 minutes away

With a few exceptions, you can get anywhere in 8 minutes. That means we all arrive at events within 30 seconds of each other. So if you get somewhere 5 minutes early, don't be surprised if you're the only one there. 

Our tap water tastes like the Dead Sea

Get a reverse osmosis water filter or buy bottled water. Or better still, a rain water tank. But don't drink the tap water. 

No one is impressed with your new whatever

Got a new BMW? Fancy hair cut? Expensive suit? No one cares. Geraldton people are all pretty down to earth. It's hard to tell millionaires and tradies apart tbh. We care more that you're a decent bloke or woman; we don't choose our friends based on their net worth. 

Yeah we already know Gero's a great place to live

It shocks a lot of Perthies when they spend some time here, then realise their perception of Geraldton was completely wrong. You can point it out to us if you really need to. But we already know how great Gero is to call home. That's why we're here!

Yes, the weather really is that much better than Perth

Only 4 hours north of Perth, but the extra few degrees makes a big difference in winter, and summers are definitely a time of consistent beach/pool action. And we're not quite as far north as the insane troppo weather. Take up a water sport and you won't regret it. Preferably one that benefits from windy conditions, like Kite Boarding. 

We have much faster internet than most of Perth

A bunch of scientists convinced a bunch of bureaucrats to spend billions of dollars to build a massive radio telescope array inland from Geraldton (SKA) so we can find aliens. Somehow that translated into much of Geraldton getting fibre to the premises NBN before most of Perth. On top of that we have a local ISP called Node 1 who built their own wireless network that gets NBN-like speeds. We had this even before the NBN rolled out. 

So yeah, Perth may be a bit of a technological backwater. But you can expect to get decent internet speeds throughout most of Geraldton. 

If you need any actual advice on moving to or living in Geraldton, click here to check out our "Im new to Geraldton" section.