Brighter future for WA hemp producers

Proposed amendments to the Industrial Hemp Act 2004 will help drive growth in the hemp industry and promote regional jobs, according to Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food Ian Blayney.

“Changing this law will enable a greater level of local production, which is vital for development in the regions,” Mr Blayney said.

“Allowing a higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration threshold in hemp plants will result in more viable hemp crop products.”

Mr Blayney believes that increasing the level of THC to its maximum of 1 per cent will make it easier for farmers to sustain their crops.

“The variety of hemp that farmers can access will be greater and they won’t have to worry that their plants coming in at more than 0.35 THC,” he said.

“This change will create real potential for this agricultural sector.

“The range of versatile end uses for hemp, coupled with the availability of more varieties, provides plenty of optimism for industry expansion, particularly in the regions.

“This is an excellent opportunity for growers and processors throughout the State.

“It will help to boost the economy by adding to the potential of long-term markets and creating sustainable jobs in regional communities.”