Rabbit baiting on Kempton Street

The City of Greater Geraldton wishes to advise it will be undertaking rabbit baiting in the Kempton Street reserve at Fuller Street to reduce the rabbit population.

Between Wednesday 28 February and Wednesday 7 March, specially designed covered bait stations containing oats mixed with Pindone, an anticoagulant poison similar to that found in many rat and rodent control baits, will be put out at night when rabbits are most active.

Members of the community are requested to manage their pets carefully while warning signage is present. An antidote is available from veterinarians should there be a concern about pets.

Adjacent landholders are asked to bury or dispose of any rabbit carcasses that they find on their properties to reduce the risk to non-target species that may consume dead rabbits.

The City apologises for any inconvenience the baiting program may cause.

If you have any queries please contact the City on (08) 9956 6600 or email council@cgg.wa.gov.au.