Harvest Hopes

Farmers are keeping a close eye on the weather, and they are not alone, the people at Cooperative Bulk Handling are doing exactly the same thing.

CBH Geraldton zone manager Duncan Gray told Everything Geraldton this morning that, as usual, hopes for the harvest ride firmly on the weather.

Winter rainfall across the Mid West has been patchy, with some farmers receiving average falls while their neighbours continue waiting.

“We have just completed our latest estimates and at present the harvest is estimated at 1.5 million tonnes across all grains,” Mr Gray said.
“That would be the same as last year’s total , but if we get a bit more rain in the next few weeks it could reach 1.8m tonnes.
“As well as the rainfall, it really also depends on temperatures, we would hope to see it remain fairly cool at least until early October.”

Considering the importance of the harvest to the local economy,   the weather is no doubt being closely watched by many businesses, from machinery dealers to stock agents and motor vehicle retailers.



Jason Smith

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