Geraldton outraged over pending teacher cuts

The Geraldton community has been overwhelmingly supportive of industrial action taken by teachers today, who were striking over staffing cuts the WA state Liberal government plans on introducing. 

Labelled "inefficient" by the government, local teachers claim the cuts will eliminate 500 education jobs, freeze teacher numbers and reduce funding for some special programs to improve literacy, numeracy, attendance and behaviour.

Education Minister Peter Collier said that while WA schools had the best resources in the nation and its teachers were the highest paid, the current level of funding was unsustainable.

Premier Colin Barnett said the action held in Perth and other places around the state would have absolutely no impact on his decision to roll out the cuts. 

Local teachers, parents, community members and onlookers met in town today protesting what they see as a foolish move by the government. 

Many community members have written in to Everything Geraldton declaring their support for the teachers. 

One person wrote in reminding people that teachers are not striking over more pay, but the need to keep teacher's assistants in classes.

The government has threatened teachers who participate in the action will have their pay docked.  


Jason Smith

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