Break in avoided

Some more good news.

If you have the Everything Geraldton app on your iPhone, iPad or Android, you'll be able to receive push notifications (your phone beeps) when we post a news story, a speed camera alert, or someone when important happens we want to tell you about.

We try not to abuse them and send too many, but most people like being kept up to date with what's happening.

We just received some good news from Julian Canny, who was alerted to a break in even when he was miles away and managed to prevent a break in into his car.

Just want to say thanks Everything Geraldton. I was on holiday in Kalgoorlie and got an app push notification about suspicious activity around cars on a particular street in Tarcoola. This turned out to be my car. Even tho I was 900km away I was able to get someone to go and check it out and avoid yet another break in. Cheers

— Julian Canny

We're pleased as punch, and want to thank the person who sent the information to us.

Other good outcomes recently from incidents the community have posted include a stolen trailer being returned to it's owner, a motorbike being found and the community and businesses rallying to help certain victims of crime.

Please let us know if you see anything suspicious, as your information may be able to help out someone else.

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